Veloflex Master 28 Zwart Bruin

Veloflex Master 28 Zwart Bruin

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Veloflex Master 28 Zwart Bruin 

Veloflex Master 28  Zwart Bruin
Master 28 open tubulars are designed for bicycle training and racing.
Their moderate weight (235 gr) makes them ideal for any kind of purpose and they offer greater performance than expected if compared to a clincher tire; that is why we call them ‘open tubulars’.

Master 28 open tubular 28mm section provides cyclists with major comfort without decreasing performance, chiefly on uneven road surface.
Master 28 are made with the same 320 TPI (thread per inch) casing as Veloflex tubulars to offer lower rolling resistance and greater flexibility.
Veloflex Master 28 open tubulars a further sidewall protection system that makes the clincher tires suitable for all carbon rims available on the market, regardless of the type or brand.
They are perfect for both training and racing as they combine the excellent performance of a tubular and the comfortable mounting and fitting of a clincher tire while guaranteeing great handling during cornering in all weathers.

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